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Gameday guru platorm for NCAAB

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The hardwood awaits! Your playbook for NCAA basketball success. We're excited to empower your bets with our advanced analytics. Get ready to elevate your game, make informed bets, and celebrate victories.

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Is to make you the most knowledgeable about sports. There’s loads of data out there. At Gameday Guru, through our partnership with SportsData.io we take the best data available and the best information and make it easier for you—the sports aficionado—to digest.

What We Offer You

GamedayGuru provides sports gamblers with predictive data and insights coupled with tools to easily create sports betting models and make smarter betting decisions. By providing real-time data, as well as tools to ease the creation of predictive sports gaming models, we allow you to gain valuable insights and make smarter sports betting decisions.

We Are For Everyone

Maybe you want special insight to one up your friends; maybe you want an “edge” when it comes to sports betting; maybe it’s an innate curiosity for sports statistics. Whatever it might be, there’s no place like Gameday Guru for the finest sports information. The more data and analysis you have—packaged in a nice, simple, easy to understand bundle—the greater the edge you’ll have on everyone else.

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"It's everything I need to make decisions on teams I am not too familiar with”  

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“A dashboard that goes above and beyond what you need to feel in control of watching NCAAB games”

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We have a dedicated team of data engineers that are focused on taking thousands of data points and inputing them into easy to understand metrics for you!
Gameday Guru platform for NCAAB


Easy to use and easy to understand platform allowing users be interactive with the data

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